Thursday, December 29, 2005

Lunch & Outdoors

Executive Lunch

The bag is not covered by the Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee

Features & Benefits
*Classic Round Liquid-tight Seal prevents spillage of curries.
*Four Bowls with compartments allows you to pack a complete lunch.
*Smart Checkered Bag separate your cool and warm food in separate compartments.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Do you compromise on the lunch you send for your husband because it is difficult to carry? Two deep bowls and two flat bowls allow you to pack a complete lunch with a healthy variety.
*Carry salad and vegetables in the small bowls and curry, rice, rotis and curd in the larger bowls.
*Carry vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes separately.
*Carry your cool and warm food in separate compartments as per their requirement.

Dimensions, Product, Capacity (ml)
Flat Bowl, 200
Deep Bowl, 450

Best Lunch

Features & Benefits

*Square Away: Convenient, handy size.
*2 Tropical Cups: Allows you to pack a complete, wholesome meal.
*Tumbler: Liquid tight.
*Best Lunch Bag: Smart spacious Lunch Kit; can carry an additional spoon, napkin or any other important items.
*Name Card: Easy to identify among other users.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Carry to office nutritiously balanced meals complete with dahi (yoghurt), nimbu pani (lemonade), lassi (buttermilk).
*Homemade lunch is healthier and works out much cheaper. See how much you save by sending homemade food rather than buying it from elsewhere. Save on doctor’s bills too. The set includes a Tumbler, two Tropical cups and a Square Away.
*Tumbler: Prepare nimbu pani (lemonade), lassi (buttermilk), badam(almond) milk, cold coffee or fruit juice the night before, chill and send with the lunch.
*Tropical Cups: Curries, Cut fruit, salad, payasam, sambar, kadi, etc, can be enjoyed without any spillage or accident. Set dahi (yoghurt), jelly and desserts such as custard to make an exciting meal for your loved ones.
*Square Away: Keep sandwiches, parathas, rotis and rice, and also idlis, dosas and cutlets.
*Can also be used as a fashionable bag for carrying different kinds of items.

Dimensions :
Product, H (cm), L (cm), W (cm), D (cm), Capacity (ml)
Tropical Cup, 5, –, –, 9.5, 200
Square Away, 4, 13.5, 13, -, 350
Tumbler, 15, -, -, 7.5, 340

Mighty Midgets :

Features & Benefits
*Transparent: Allows you to see the contents.
*Convenient Size: Fits into handbags, schoolbags and glove compartments of cars.
*Classic Round Seal: Liquid-tight, Keeps contents fresh.
Demo & Usage Ideas
*Be more organised during journeys. Now you don’t have to scramble through your bags to look for small things that disappear. Store them in the handy Mighty Midgets.
*Carry medicines hygienically while travelling.
*Liven up your snacks by carry chutneys and pickles.
*Carry pre-mixed baby food for tiny toddlers.

Dimensions :
Product, Capacity (ml)
Mighty Midgets, 50

Friday, December 02, 2005


CrystalWave Divided Bowl

Features & Benefits
*This CrystalWave Divided Bowl is specially useful for heating and serving an appetising meal from the microwave oven at any time.
*There are 3 Divisions so that three varieties of food can be kept and reheated.
*The CrystalWave Divided Bowl matches with the CrystalWave range and is attractive for serving.
*Steam Vent allows the food to heat in its own steam conserving the aroma and nutrients, so no spluttering in the microwave.
*The Round Shape and size will fit into most microwave ovens with a rotating base.
*The 2 Handles on the cover ensure safe and easy handling but oven gloves are recommended for removing any dishes from the microwave.
*The Unique Steam Release Cap allows steam to pass while the food is being reheated. This prevents escaping steam from burning fingers.
*The CrystalWave Divided Bowl with cover is suitable for preparing ahead by storing food in the refrigerator, reheating in the microwave oven and serving.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Family meals: save time by preparing two plated meals, cover and refrigerate until mealtime. Then stack in the microwave to reheat and dinner is ready in no time.
*Hot for latecomers: for anyone late home from school or work a prepared meal can be waiting for them in the refrigerator, ready to reheat and enjoy.
*Late night snacks: arrange some quick snacks on each plate for a late evening snack after a pleasant evening out.

Product, H(cm), D (cm), Capacity (L)
CrystalWave Divided Bowl, 6, 18.5, 1

CrystalWave Strainer

Features & Benefits
*The Strainer is Finely Textured inside and out and is shaped with a wide flat base to hold large quantities for washing and draining. The shape allows you to rinse fragile foods gently in a shallow layer.
*The Pattern of holes is designed to drain well and the holes won’t let small foods fall through.
*The Strainer is stable and the 6 Rounded non-scratch Feet hold it clear of the draining board for good draining and ventilation.
*The Strainer nests in the CrystalWave Medium to steam and reheat in the microwave.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Salad sprouts - Fill the CrystalWave Medium with 2 cups of water. Wash the sprouts in the CrystalWave Strainer and place it in the CrystalWave Medium with the seal on. Open it the next day for a perfect grown sprout.
*The perfect food bowl - Wash fruits and arrange in the Strainer. Air can circulate underneath to help keep the fruit fresher for longer.
*Perfect pasta - Drain Pasta thoroughly in the Strainer.
*Defrosting - Allow meat to defrost in the Strainer in a CrystalWave Medium, and the juices will drain off.

Dimensions, Product, H(cm), D (cm)
CrystalWave Strainer, 6.3, 18.5

Multi Cook

Features & Benefits
*Consists of 5 components: Container, Cover, Strainer, Idli trays and spoon. A multi function product that allows you to cook, steam, strain, reheat and serve. With the convenience of microwave cooking.
*Self-venting Cover for even steaming and keeping the right moisture balance.
*The strainer fits in the container and has handles on both sides for easy lifting.
*Has a self-venting cover. The domed shape of this cover makes the steam/liquid coming from the food/vegetables stay on the cover and will not drip down onto the food.
*Footed base allows for even heating in the even heating in the microwave by allowing maximum air circulation around the container.

Demo & Usage Ideas
Idlis in Idli TraysDhokla, Rice, soups and instant noodles in the Container
Vegetables in the Strainer
Vegetables, fruits, noodles, pasta in the Strainer
Precooked food or Ready to eat packaged food
The Container and the Cover can be used to serve dishes

Product, L (cm), W (cm), H (cm), Capacity(L)
Multi Cook, 23, 23, 13.5, 3.3L

Idli Tray

Features & Benefits

The Idli trays come with perfect pore/holes which are ideal for steaming and do not allow the batter to drip and evenly steams the idli batter. The idli trays also come with a convenient top handle which allows you to easily lift up th idli trays once Idli is cooked. the size of the idli grooves are also perfect for making anytime snack/meal idli. it also comes with stands which easily fits into the stand grooves on the idli trays adn are sturdy so that the trays do not slip.Microwavr friendly and goes in easily with the Tupperware MultiCook.

CrystalWave medium

Features & Benefits
*Steam Vent allows the food to heat in its own steam conserving the aroma and nutrients, so no spluttering in the microwave.
*Unique shaped Handles do not get hot in the micowave, easy to grip and carry from the fridge to the microwave and to the table.
*Projection on the Base ensures even heating in the micowave.
*The two handles on the container ensure safe and easy handling but oven gloves are recommended for removing any dishes from the microwave.
*The vents located at right angle from the handles prevent escaping steam from burning fingers.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Would it not be prefect if you had one container to store your cooked food, which you could stow away in the refrigerator and eventually pop into your microwave to reheat your food? The CrystalWave is a complete solution.
*CrystalWave is very decorative for table servings.
*Plan for your parties - prepare snacks such as potato rolls, kebabs and vadas in advance. Use CrystalWave range to store them in the fridge. Take them out before the party, reheat and serve in the CrystalWave.

Dimensions, Product, H(cm), D (cm), Capacity (L)
CrystalWave Medium, 8.9, 18.5, 1.5


Store All Canisters

Features & Benefits
*Coloured Base will not show the stain of turmeric, spices etc. on the container.
*Classic Round Seal which is airtight as well as liquid tight. Locks in freshness and flavour. Also prevents spills.
*Available in 3 different sizes which can be used to store as well as serve.
*Stackable. Saves space.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Store pickles, chutneys, spices, etc.
*Can also store cereals in small quantities.

Product, D(cm), H(cm), Capacity (ml/L)
Small, 11, 9, 600
Medium, 14.2, 10.5, 1.3 L
Large, 16, 12.2, 1.8 L

Super Storer

Features & Benefits
*Textured Surface: Non-slippery.
*Classic Round Seal: Airtight, liquid-tight.
*Stackable: Saves space.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*You will always want your potato or banana chips to be crackling crisp, but isn’t it a challenge to keep them that way once the pack has been opened?
*How often have you caught yourself emptying expensive nuts and dry fruits into the dustbin because insects ate them hollow? Think of the money that was wasted on them!
*Keep nuts – badams (almonds), pistachios, cashewnuts – fresh right through the season.
*Biscuits, cookies, chips and snacks stay crisp and fresh much longer.
*Prepare and store mithai, besan (gram flour), laddoos or sandesh for yourself, or gift them to your friends and relatives.
*Great for carrying curries for picnics.
*Roasted/fried papads and snacks stay fresh and can be stored for a long time.
*Excellent for fruit salad and cut watermelons. Fruit stays fresh and juicy in the refrigerator.
*Prepare kheer or payasam in bulk and serve to your family and guests.
*Ideal for idli/dosa batter – it stays fresh for over a week.
*Just the right size for storing patali gur (jaggary) and keeping it fresh much longer.

Storage Ideas
Medium, Rice (3 kg), Sugar (3 kg)
Rajma (kidney beans),Channa (chick peas) (2 kg)
Large, Rice (4 kg), Sugar (4 kg)
Atta (wheat flour) (3 kg)

Dimensions, Product, D(cm), H(cm), Capacity (L)
Medium, 20, 14.5, 3.5 L,
Large, 23, 15.5, 5 L

Tropical Twins

Features & Benefits
*Classic Round Seal makes it air tight.
*Sheer Base helps in identifying contents easily.
*Stackable: saves space.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Keep leftover food in the fridge.
*Serve salad, ice cream, curd or cereals.
*Store food and carry it with you.

Product, H (cm), D (cm), Capacity (ml)
Tropical Twins, 5.7, 9.4, 250

Classic Lunch

Features & Benefits
*Classic Round Seal: Air tight as well as liquid tight.
*Sheer Base: Helps in identifying contents easily.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*An ideal lunch bag for kids and adults to carry small quantities.
*Can carry curd / vegetable / sambhar / dal in Tropical Cup and rice / chapati / parantha / dosa / idli in Large Handy Bowl.

*1 Tropical Cup, 1 Large Handy Bowl, 1 Bag.

Product, Capacity(ml)
Tropical Cup, 200
Large Handy Bowl, 600

Classic Slim Lunch (Classic Slim Lunch Set: (Set of 2) Rs. 390. Save Rs. 20)

Features & Benefits
*Extra Slim Size makes it easy to carry and to fit into a briefcase or school bag.
*Air-tight Seal keeps food fresh longer.
*Special Groove fits into the rim of the divider to provide convenient compartments.
*Textured Surface that resists scratches.
*Polished Surface inside makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Do your children come back with a half-finished snack, simply because their sandwiches were not soft enough?
*Is your husband embarrassed to carry his lunch to office because there isn’t a smart enough lunch box?
*Would you like to do away with aluminium foil and cling film that is unhealthy, time consuming, environmentally unfriendly and cumbersome?
*Prepare sandwiches or salad lunch for the kids the previous night, keep in the Classic Slim Lunch Box and stack in the refrigerator to spare yourself the morning rush.
*Though slim, the width is excellent for parathas and dry vegetables.
*Good for keeping snacks-noodles, idlis, vadas, dosas, chutney etc. – at hand, for when the children come home after a swim or a game of tennis.

Product, L(cm), H(cm), W(cm)
Classic Slim Lunch, 22, 3.5, 16.5

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Refrigerator>> Cool 'n' Fresh Range

Cool 'n' Fresh Set

Features & Benefits
*4 Sizes: small, medium, large and flat, make storage easier and more convenient. *Textured Exterior resists scratches and finger marks; non-slippery.
*Polished Surface inside: easy to clean and maintain.
*Stackable: fits into the corner of the refrigerator – Saves space.
*Breathing Seal allows air circulation in the refrigerator.
*Movable Divider in (Cool 'n' Fresh Flat) allows flexible spaces for storing.

Demo & Usage Ideas

*Ideal size for a small snack, sandwich or a doughnut that stays fresh and yummy right through the morning.
*Store kheer or payasam, gajar halwa, sarson ka saag, and all the dishes that take so much effort to make — enjoy them much later, long after you have forgotten the effort that went in.
*Ideal for cut ginger, onions, garlics, chilies, etc. in the fridge. They are very handy and remain fresh without allowing their odour to affect other food and water in the fridge.

*Use Cool 'n’ Fresh for storing cooked curries, rajma, dal, channa, mattar ghugni, aam ras etc. Save on cooking time by cooking in large quantities and enjoy the convenience of serving them later.
*Ideal size to store 1 litre Ice-cream brick.
*Store fresh peas, corn and cut vegetables separately on either side of the divider.
*Great to store leftovers in the refrigerator. For example, rice on one side and cooked vegetables on the other.

Product, Capacity (ml/L), Price
Cool 'n' Fresh Small, 450 ml, Rs.285/- set of 2
Cool 'n' Fresh Medium, 700 ml, Rs.355/- set of 2

Wonderlier Bowls

Features & Benefits
*Classic Round Seal: Airtight and liquid-tight; keeps food fresh and does not allow spillage.
*3 sizes: Medium, Large and Super; make storage easy and convenient.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Tired of cleaning up stains from your refrigerator? The liquid-tight Wonderliers allows you to store sambar, rasam and curries without worrying about spilling them!
*Clean and cut vegetables as soon as you have bought them, to save loss of vitamins. Seal and store to keep them fresh longer and make your cooking fun and convenient.
*Use different sizes to set dahi (yogurt) depending upon your family’s needs – it stays fresh longer.
*Store dhaniya patta (coriander leaves), curry leaves, green chillies, ginger, etc. in the refrigerator and enjoy the flavour later.
*Great for tossing, keeping and serving salads and fruit chaat, just seal and turn over so that the dressing blends in well.
*Save space in the refrigerator – the bowl can be kept on its side or even upside down because of its liquid-tight seal.
*Store batter for pakoras, dosas and idlis, and keep them fresh much longer, for an instant snack.
*Dough lasts much longer. Use leftover dal (lentils) to knead dough and store for making more nourishing paranthas in an instant.
*Knead methi (fenugreek) leaves with flour, add besan (gram flour) and chopped onions to make methi paranthas; seal and store for using later. A very healthy option for the entire family.
*Turn leftovers into ‘planned overs’.

Product, Capacity(ml/L), Price
Medium, 900 ml, Rs.215/- each
Large, 1.25 L, Rs.250/- each

Bowled Over

Features & Benefits
*Classic Round Seal: Airtight, liquid tight. Keeps food fresh and conserves its flavours.
*Sheer Scratch Resistant Surface with Polished Window: Allows you to see contents inside without having to open it.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Don’t you think it is time you replaced your steel containers with a Tupperware container which helps you store leftovers or masalas with strong odours intact in the fridge?
*Carry dal, curd or fruit cream to work or school without the danger of spilling them.
*Buy required quantities of green chillies, coriander or mint and store them in the fridge for longer than you do now.
*Store leftovers conveniently in the fridge.
*Make pastes, purees and chutneys in required quantities and store them conveniently for re-use.

Product, Capacity(ml), Price
Bowled Over, 450 ml, Rs.125/- each

Star Bowls

Features & Benefits
*Each bowl has the exclusive Tupperware One-touch seal to lock in the freshness and flavour as well as protect the texture of foods.
*The tapered handles are graceful and comfortable to hold and tocarry, even for the smallest hands, when passing food around the table.
*To seal, place the seal on the bowl rim and press on the centre of the seal firmly.
*To remove the seal, place your fingertips under the seal edge and press the centre with your thumb as you peel the seal off the bowl.
*The finely textured ever- fresh finish has a ceramic look and is easy to keep clean and hygienic to use.
*The seal is air-tight but not liquid tight.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Salad Selection - Prepare an interesting selection of salads in the Bowls to serve with all kinds of meals for family and friends impromptu. Serve salads, sprouts, and mixed vegetables. Seal and toss with salad dressing just before serving.
*Pickels & mayonnaise - Both sizes of the bowls are useful for storing and serving pickels, mayonnaise, salad dressings, chutney.
*Soups & sauces - The list is endless for preparing, storing and serving of all kinds of soups and sauces for cooking and dressing.
*Dips & crisps - The bowls, in two sizes, are ideal and handy for your Chip’n’Dip parties and serving your snacks and biscuits along with your party time.drinks.
*Fresh in the fridge - Keep prepared food ready to serve, store leftovers to use for soup or snacks; keep a garden of fresh herbs and cut vegetables stored in this container.
*At the breakfast table - Serve jam, honey and marmalade in the Star Bowls then just seal and refrigerate, ready to serve again. Saves time and washing up.
*Individual lunches & snacks - Leave snacks in the refrigerator for the family to help themselves for lunch or break.

Product, Capacity (ml), Price
Star Bowls Small, 500ml, Rs.295/- set of 2
Star Bowls Large, 700ml, rs.365/- set of 2
Freezer>>Freezer Mate Range (Freezer Mate Set: Buy set comprising - Freezer Mate mini (2 pieces), Freezer Mate small (1 piece), Freezer Mate large (1 piece) Get Freezer Mate small (1 piece) worth Rs. 260 FREE!)

Features & Benefits
*Faster more efficient freezing and defrosting due to the Exclusive Six-sided Air Flow.
*Save limited freezer space.
*Famous Tupperware Air-tight Seal with Tab for easy removal and freshness.
*Classic Sheer Material and Polished Windows. Identify contents easily.
*Rounded Corners and a recessed bottom allow air flow around and between stacked containers.
*Modular Design in varying heights and Flat Top Seal allow neat stacking, leaving no unused space.
*Assures freshness.
*Identify contents easily.
*Sets the pace for ‘in-home’ freezing.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Store cut fruits, custard, cut vegetables, etc.
*Store ice cream, sweets etc.
Product, L(cm), W(cm), H(cm), Capacity (ml/L)
Mini, 11, 7.3, 7.6, 300
Small, 15, 11, 7.6, 700
Large, 22, 14, 6.5, 1.5 L

Ice Tray (Ice Tray Set: 4 pieces. Rs. 690. Buy 3 Ice Trays & Get one free! Save Rs. 230!)

Features & Benefits
*Cap on Seal helps to fill water without any mess. After sealing properly water will not drip.
*Base does not stick in the refrigerator. Easy to remove.
*Easily Stackable.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Can be used to make ice candies.
*Can be used to make ice.
*Sealed ice cube Tray keeps ice fresh and free from odour.
Product, L(cm), W(cm), H(cm), Capacity (ml)
Ice Tray, 30, 11.2, 3.8, 400

Serving >> Morning Glory, Expressions, Everyday Dinning, For Beverages

Morning Glory > Butter Buddy

Features & Benefits
*Domed Cover: Shaped to store a 500 gm cake of butter.
*Textured Base: Scratch resistant and easy to grip.
*Grooves on Base: Fits cover perfectly, keeping the butter fresh

Butter Dish,500gm,

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Keeps butter fresh and prevents other food odours transferring to the butter.
*Completes the set with your Bread Server for an elegant breakfast stetting.

Spice Shakers

Features & Benefits
*Sheer Textured Surface: Scratch resistant.
*Sprinkler: Allows smooth flow.
*Hinged Removable Cap: Keeps freshness of spices intact
Product,Capacity (ml)
Spice Shakers,150 each

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Keep your table salt flowing smoothly in these attractive Spice Shakers.
*Build a convenient storage system for all your commonly ground spices such as jeera (cumin), dhaniya (coriander powder), pepper, chat masala, garam masala, etc.

Ezy-Cool Jug

Features & Benefits
*Textured Surface with Easy Grip Handle: Resists scratches and finger marks; prevents jug from slipping even when hands are wet.
*Polished Interior: Prevents the build-up of scales and deposits.
*Oval Seal: Can be removed to clean the inside right through. Keeps water clean with no lingering flavours.
*Hinged Spout: Easy pouring; detachable for easy cleaning.
*Slim Shape: Enables it to fit inside fridge doors.
*Large Capacity: Ideal for a family during mealtimes.
*Light Weight: Helps keep the refrigerator door light and prevents accidents.
Ezy-Cool Jug, 2 Ltr

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Does the water from your refrigerator taste of everything that is kept in the refrigerator?
*Even after boiling, filtering and being very careful about the water your children drink, are you confident that it is safe as it ought to be?
*Replace milk vessels in your refrigerator with Ezy-Cool Jugs. They are convenient, attractive and save on space.
*Prepare nimboo pani (lemonade), lassi (buttermilk), sherbat, cold coffee or fresh juice and store through the day in summer. They stay fresh to the last drop in the fridge, allowing you to keep pace with your family’s need for additional liquids.
*Use to dispense juices and drinks at parties.
*Prevent accidents. Avoid glass bottles that can topple over and break when the refrigerator is opened with a jerk.

Bread Server

Features & Benefits
*Domed Cover and server can be used to store and serve bread; rolls etc. Keeps bread fresh.
*Size accommodates a full loaf of bread.
Product, Capacity(L)
Bread Server, 3 Ltr

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Get rid of damp napkins to wrap your sandwiches for picnics/parties. Make breakfast time more enjoyable, and be a proud hostess at dinner parties.
*Use the inverted dome for keeping bread and the tray for serving toast on the table.
*Prepare sandwiches for parties and picnics beforehand - the Bread Server will keep them fresh and soft. You don't need to use aluminium foil that is unhygienic and messy, and spoils the edges.
*At parties, use the inverted dome for serving rolls and the tray for serving salads, samosas and other snacks.
*For children's party, use the inverted dome for serving ice cream or cake.
*The Bread Server makes it easy to carry sandwiches, fruitcake, idlis, upma, dosas, fish or mutton cutlets etc to picnics.

Breakfast Plates

Features & Benefits
*These Plates complement the Morning Glory range.
*Translucent Water Orange Cream Colour adds vibrancy to your breakfast.
*Ideal for breakfast items like sandwiches, paranthas, cakes, fruits etc.
*ightweight and Small, they are safe for kids to handle.
*Raised Rim on the corner prevents spilling of food while carrying.
*Plates nest compactly for storage.
Product, L(cm), W(cm)
Breakfast Plates, 20, 20

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Complete your Morning Glory range with Breakfast Plates.
*Enjoy eating your sandwiches, paranthas, upma, omlette etc. in these beautiful plates.
*Good for kids as raised rim prevents spilling.

Breakfast Bowl

* These bowls are a convenvenient size to have your cereal and cornflakes or your youghurt for healthy eating. The bowls are transluscent and are colourfully matched with the rest of the breakfast series.the shape also is such that holds liquid easily and sturdy for your breakfast cereals.
Product, Capacity(ml)
Breakfast Bowl, 550ml each

Expressions > Expressions Ripple Tumblers

Features & Benefits
*Tumblers designed, textured and coloured especially to create the visual impact of the cool waves and ocean breeze for the soothing, calming effect.
*The Contemporary Design adds value to the utility of the product.
*Ripple Design ensures a strong no-slip grip. Wet hands no longer an issue!
*Seals have Small Tabs for easy removal.
*Vibrant Colours and classy look which adorns your table.
*Tumblers nest for compact storage.
Product, Capacity(ml)
Expressions Ripple Tumblers, 330

Demo & Usage Ideas
* Drink in style.
* Late for an appointment and have no time to finish your drink? Use this tumbler to carry your drink along with you, wherever, whenever.
* Colour co-ordinated seals. Easy to seal and remove with a small tab.
* Perfect for all fun occasions like birthdays, picnics and fun parties.
* Can fit in car-cup holders thus convenient to take your drink along with your drive.

Expression Flat Bowls

Features & Benefits
* Translucent, Vibrantly-coloured and Textured, this flat bowl has a new liquid- tight Seal, which also doubles up as a plate.
* The beautiful individual colours of the bowls add value to the food served.
* Convenient Rim designed for easy handling.
* Inter-changeable Seal with Expressions Bowl (Medium 1.3 L).
* Stackable in the fridge. Convenient to store cooked meals.
* Tabs for easy removing and sealing.
* A beautiful bowl which is a pleasure to eat from.
Product, Capacity(ml)
Expressions Flat Bowls, 400ml

Demo & Usage Ideas
* Want a multipurpose bowl?
* Tired of eating and serving food in boring plain dishes?
* Want to store and eat straight out of a bowl, which is a delight to your eyes?
* Now, a multi-purpose bowl, which can double up as a plate for serving and a container for storing!!!
* Can be used as a salad bowl or as a plate.
* Can be used to carry rotis and paranthas.
* Store cut fruits, vegetables, pickles, dips, curd etc.
* Can be used as a dessert server for lunch and dinner.
* Small and light thus easily stackable in the fridge.
* Airtight container to retain freshness of food stored

Everyday Dining >> Legacy Dinner Set

Legacy Tumblers

Unbreakable tumblers perfect for everyday use.
Features & Benefits
* Tapered Design for easy gripping.
* Smooth, Polished Surface helps avoid fingerprints.
* Stackable to save storage space.

Demo & Usage Ideas
* To serve beverages with dinner/lunch.
* To complement your elegant/sophisticated legacy dinning range.
Product, Capacity (ml)
Tumblers, 400ml

Legacy Dinners Plates

Perfect plates to complement your Legacy range.
Features & Benefits

*Microwave Safe Plates can go from the microwave oven to the table.
*Lightweight and they are safe for kids to handle.
*Footed Base means more even airflow, enabling faster microwave reheating.
*Generous Rim around the plate remains cool to touch.
*Rim also serves to keep food contained on the plate.
*Attractive Texturing helps to mask any cut marks.
*Plates nest compactly for storage.
Demo & Usage Ideas
*Reheat in the microwave and eat directly from the plate.
*Have your food in style, as a part of your impressionable Legacy range.
Product, L(cm), H(cm), Price
Plates, 26.5, 2.5

Legacy Bowls

The perfect set of bowls for every occasion.
Features & Benefits
*Extended Rim for a firm grip.
*Deep Sides for efficient scooping.
*Textured Surface withstands scratches and fingerprints.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Microwave reheatable.
*To serve dal, curry, salads or soups

Product, Capacity (ml)
Bowls, 250ml

Legacy Flash Bowl

Features & Benefits

*Bowls with Seal and cover for storing and serving food.
*These bowls can also be used in microwave.
*Handles on the sides for easy grip.
*Small Feet at the bottom raise the container allowing the microwaves to penetrate from the base.
*Small Ridges on opposite sides of cover create vents for steam to escape.
*Airtight Seal for use in fridge.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Multipurpose bowl. Store food in it, keep it in fridge, reheat in microwave and Serve on table.
*One cover fits all three sizes.
*Elegant looking, these will be pride of your Dining table.

Product, Capacity (ml/L)
Legacy Flash Bowls, 1 L

Legacy Curry Server with Ladle

Features & Benefits
*Unique Heat Trapping System whilst placed in the microwave. The cover has a groove that prevents steam from escaping. On the table this groove neatly accommodates the ladle.
*Can be used as an attractive tableware directly from the microwave.
*Conveniently Designed so as to enable usage even when contents are hot.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Can be used to reheat the liquid preparations like dals, soups, sambhar, etc.
*A beautiful serving dish for your dining table.

Product, Capacity(L), Price
Legacy Curry Server with Ladle, 1.8 L

Legacy Pitcher

Features & Benefits
*1.7 litre capacity for generous serving of water or any other beverages.
*Unique easy press cover allows opening and closing with one hand.
*Slimline shape. Fits neatly into the refrigerator door shelf for compact storage.
*Beautiful translucent finish lets you see the contents inside.
*Convenient rounded handle fen a comfortable grip.

Usage Ideas
* Serve water or other beverages in this pitcher during lunch or dinner time.
* Beautiful blue colour makes it look elegant on the table and fits neatly into the refrigerator door shelf.
* So easy to handle that you can open and close the seal with one hand.
* Ideal for water, juices and other beverages.
* Elegant mauve colour complements the legacy sewing collection.

Product, Capacity (ml/L)
Legacy Pitcher, 1.7 L

Legacy 3 in 1 Server

Features & Benefits
*One piece unit comprising three bowls.
*Three bowls for three different kind of food items.
*Transparent surface to check out the contents.
*Air tight seal keeps food in the bowl fresh and hygenic.
*Liquid tight seal prevents spilling.
*Handles on both sides for better handling grip.

Demo Ideas
*Enjoy the convenience of storing and serving three different kinds of food item s through a one piece unit.
*Store and Serve pickles, condiments, saunf, suparis, dry fruits, candies.
*Store different kind of cooking sauces like soya, mustard, vinegar, ketchup etc.
*Air tight seal keeps food fresh and protects from dust.
*Liquid tight seal prevents food from spilling even if it is overturned
*Beautiful shape and colour makes it an absolute delight on your dining table.
Product, Capacity (ml)
3 in 1 Server, 300ml each

Legacy Royal Server

*A convenient size to put in your everyday meal for serving in and is matched with the rest of the legacy series. It is also microwave friendly. Comes with side grooves/ handles which helps her to easily handle the product. The cover also comes with a hanmdle/ attachement which assists one easily to lift up the cover. Can be used for reheating.
Product, Capacity (ml/L)
Legacy Royal Server, 1.6 L

Legacy Rice Platter

Features & Benefits
*A great serving dish for rice, pulao, pasta etc
*Reheat food in this platter and serve.
*Grooves on the side with thumb space for better grip while handling.
*Footed base allows for even heating in the microwave.
Demo & Usage Ideas
* Complement your legacy range with this attractive platter.
* Cook rice / pulao in advance and keep it in legacy platter. Just reheat in Microwave and serve.
* Make your dinning table look good with legacy platter.
Product, Capacity(ml)
Legacy Rice Platter, 400ml

For Beverages > Coffee Mug

Features & Benefits
*Stylish mugs with generous capacity and easy grip handle.
*Microwaveable reheatable cups makes serving quick and easy.
*Stackable mugs available in appealing colours.
*Attractive mugs available in appealing colours.

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Entertain and enjoy in style. Serve coffee, tea, milk, soups and other beverages.
*Four attractive colours will make you and your table look good.
*Warm your beverage in these Microwaveable mugs.
*When not in use these mugs stack neatly to save space.
Product, Capacity (ml)
Coffee Mugs, 400 ml

Food Preparation >> Quick Shake, Handy Grater, Multi Masala, Magic Flow Series, Modular Spice shakers, Handy Strainer, Wash Bowl with Seal

Quick Shake

Features & Benefits
*Removable Blender Wheel: Easy to blend and clean.
*Tapered Shape: For easy shaking and mixing while holding.
*Domed Seal with Hinged Pour Spout: Extra space for effective mixing.
*Metric and cup Measurements: Accurate measures
*Classic Sheer Material: Identify contents easily

Product Capacity(ml)
Quick Shake 500

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Blend juices, milk shakes.
*Make salad dressings or sauces.
*Blend flour and water.
*Make instant pudding.
*Mix marinades.
*Whipping cream.

Handy Grater(picture yet to be loaded)

Features & Benefits
*Coarse and Fine Grater: helps you choose coarse and very fine grating and does not hurt your fingers.
*Recessed Side: on the grater: allows juices to drain into the dish.
*Container with Seal: excellent for storing grated foods.
*Large Holes: easy to clean; resists food sticking to it.

Product Capacity(ml)
Handy Grater 500

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Grate food with this grater and then use the attractive dish to serve. You can also seal and store.
*Use the coarse surface for cheese, chocolate, bread crumbs, carrots and beetroot, and the recessed side for juicy food like tomatoes, etc. that can drain into the dish.
*Like any other Tupperware container, the dish can be used for various other purposes.

Multi Masala

Features & Benefits
*Bright and Colourful, this container has been especially and aesthetically designed to store all your essential cooking spices. Comes in a beautiful, translucent finish.
*Separate, seven removable Cups for storing herbs and spices. Easy to hold, pick-up and carry.
*Handles on both the sides for a comfortable grip.
*Small, utility serving Spoon to help in convenient measuring and picking up of contents.
*Airtight Container, which locks in freshness and helps in retaining the individual flavour and essence of the contents.
*One-touch Seal for smooth and convenient closing/opening of seal without any spillage of contents.

Product Capacity (ml)
Centre cup 150ml
Oblong cup 180ml

Demo & Usage ideas :
*Tired of keeping your cooking masala in too many different places?
*Forever struggling with too many jars for your cooking essentials and wasting your time finding them?
*Want a one-stop container for all your masala storing problems?
*Maintain your cooking masala and herbs in one place.
*Air-tight so that all your spices retain their freshness and original smell and flavour.
*Keep your mouth fresheners and suparis in these seven cups.
*A single storage and serving case for your dry-fruits, nuts etc.
*Can also be used to keep chapatis after removing the seven cups.
*Useful container for storing your hobbies like stamps, coins, sewing-kit.Also keep your precious jewellery in it.

Magic Flow Series

Features & Benefits
*Polished Window allows you to see contents and check quantities.
*Special Dripless Seal ensures even flow from the spout, prevents messy spills.
*Non-slippery Textured Surface resists scratches and finger marks.
*Airtight Cap keeps contents fresh.

Product Capacity(ml/L)
Mini Magic Flow 440
Midi Magic Flow 650
Mega Magic Flow 1.1L

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Tired of cleaning oil spills on your kitchen counter after cooking?
*Are you on the look out for an attractive and convenient oil container, which can store one litre of oil (normal oil packs available in the market)?
*Wouldn't you want to create an attractive, colour-coordinated set of oil containers on your kitchen shelves, for the various types of oils used in your cooking?
*Looking for a container to store your chutney as well pour it too?
*Create a set of oil containers for all your cooking oils - one each for refined oil, mustard oil, sunflower oil, salad oil etc.
*Ideal for storing soya sauce, sugar syrup, sharbats etc.

Modular Spice shakers
(Modular Spice Shakers Set: (Set of 4) Get Wrough iron stand worth Rs. 40 FREE!)

Features & Benefits
* Hinged Seal covers the top for storage and opens at either end for pouring or shaking.
* Shaker Top with Holes at one end and large opening at other end allows you to shake or pour seasonings.
* Sheer Container with polished windows on each end for seeing and checking contents.
* Modular Design for easy stacking.

Product Capacity (ml/L)
Modular Spice Shakers (Large) 300
Modular Spice Shakers (Small) 150

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Spices will stay fresh longer when stored in these clear, stackable containers.
*Very handy and easy to use while preparing food in the kitchen.
*One container with two kinds of seals for shaking and pouring.
*Use Small container for those spices you use less often and the large container for everyday seasonings/spices.
*Use these to store, shake or pour for spices such as zeera(cumin), dhaniya(coriander powder), pepper, chat masala, garam masala etc.
*Can also be used to store and sprinkle salt, sugar etc.

Handy Strainer (picture yet to loaded)

Features & Benefits
*A Strainer with Handle for better grip and easy straining of fruits, vegetables etc.
*Footed Base keeps the strainer steady.
*Pouring Lips on both sides for left or right hand use

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Strain vegetables, fruits, noodles, pasta etc with just one hand in this strainer.
*The pattern of the holes is designed to drain well and the holes won't let small food fall through.
*It will stand on its own as it has footed base. This also allows for good draining and ventilation. Can also hang it when not in use.
*You can use it with either hand as it has pouring lips on both sides

Wash Bowl with Seal (picture yet to be loaded)

Features & Benefits
*A perfect bowl for washing rice. Not just that it can be used to wash and strain vegetables and fruits.
*Tiny protrusions on the inner bottom surface allow for effective rubbing and washing of rice.
*Slits around the wall prevent contents from over flowing and provide hands-free draining of water.
*Feet on the underside add stability when using it.

Product Capacity(ml/L)
Wash Bowl 2.1L

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Wash rice conveniently and easily in this bowl.
*Can also be used for washing fruits and vegetables.
*The seal prevents spilling of contents even when bowl is tilted for draining water

Dry Storage >> Modular Mates, Counter Top

Modular Mates Round (picture yet to be loaded)

Features & Benefits
*Modular Round Seal : Airtight; convenient to use.
*Polished Window : Allows you to see contents and check quantities.
*Stackable : Saves space; allows you to create a permanent food storage system.

Dimensions Capacity (ml/L)
MM Round 1 200 ml
MM Round 2 440 ml
MM Round 3 650 ml

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Do you long for neat, organised and attractive kitchen shelves?
*Are you looking for containers that store masalas effectively and look great too?

Modular Mates Oval

Features & Benefits
*Stackable: Saves shelf space.
*Airtight: Keeps food fresh and moisture-free.
*Oval Shape: Easy to hold; looks modern and saves space.
*Size: Lets you create a permanent dry storage system.
*Textured Surface: Resists scratches and finger marks; non-slippery

Product Capacity (ml/L)
MM Oval 1 500
MM Oval 2 1.1 L
MM Oval 3 1.7 L

Demo & Usage Ideas

*Imagine opening container after container looking for a certain dal (lentil). And when you finally get it, you find it’s been visited by a family of insects.

*Every time you make sooji halwa or upma, you doubt the quality of sooji (semolina) because the insects sometimes can’t even be seen. Modular Mates makes you feel confident about what your family eats, and saves you money too.

*Enjoy the freshness of crunchy biscuits, crisp wafers and sev/bhujiyaprotected from moisture in Modular Mates.

Modular Mates Mini Rectangular

Features & Benefits

*Rectangular containers that complement modular mates oval and round containers.
*Polished window allows one to see contents and check quantities.
*Stackable to save shelf space. Makes the kitchen look neat and organized.
*Airtight seal keeps food fresh and moisture – free.

Product Capacity (ml)
MM Mini Rectangular 850

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Store dry food items, snacks such as wafers, biscuits and sweets like ladoos etc.
*Keep your dry fruits fresh and crisp through the season in this container.
*Carry sandwiches and snacks to picnics or parties in style in this container.

Counter Top > Within Reach Canisters

Features & Benefits
*Polished Window: Allows you to see contents and check quantities.
*Textured Surface: Resists scratches and finger marks; non-slippery.
*Tapering Rectangular Shape: Convenient to hold.
*Rectangular Seal: Stackable; saves space.
*Airtight: Keeps food fresh longer; retains original flavours

Product Capacity (ml)
Within Reach Canisters 750

Demo & Usage Ideas
*Get more compliments for your cooking with less effort. Aroma and flavour in your spices are retained to the last grain.
*Get the true aroma of freshly ground coffee, pure Darjeeling tea or your favourite blend of herbal tea.
*Add colour and convenience to your kitchen. Save money and avoid wastage of coffee or your favourite malted drink that would otherwise turn rock-solid, just a few days after you paid so much for it.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Tupperware Products - Introduction

Tupperware products are pioneered to provide versatility and convenience. They are made for home, for health, for life.

The products are made from 100% food grade virgin plastic and promise a lifetime guarantee against chipping, cracking or breaking under normal non-commercial use

Till date more than 85 products, from Tupperware's world-class range, have been introduced in the Indian market.

Products are specifically designed ranges to suit the needs of Indian homes.